Artificial Turf

FIFA System

International Approval Global Recommendation

Using high quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing equipment.

Executing the FIFA QUALITY PRO standard strictly.

Excellent quality, high sports performance, good wear resistance and weatherability, and easy maintenance.

By using the innovative materials makes the series products even better than FIFA standards especially in terms of wear resistance and weather resistance.After 80,000 weeks of Lisport wear test, the grass still keeps good sports performance (while FIFA standard maximum requirement is 20200 weeks);After 5000 hours of UV aging test, the pull strength of the straw line can be reduced by <10%, and the color difference is at 4-5 grade (while FIFA requires the breaking strength drops <50%, and the color difference is >=3)

With strict quality control in manufacturing and plentiful site construction experiences, which can make sure the high performance of the sports fields. So far, ACT has more than 51 football pitches certified by FIFA.

Recommended Products

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